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Conservatories, A Complete In Depth Guide

Many homeowners choose to add a conservatory as an additional space within their home either to enable them to enjoy their garden all year round, or as an alternative to the cost of moving.

What can a conservatory be used for?

Conservatories are more popular than ever and as that popularity has expanded so have the number of uses.  Some people want to use the space for a larger kitchen or to open up the living space. This obviously affects how much access you need but is also means that you need to alter some of the properties structure and that planning regulations need to be considered.

Styles of conservatory


If you have an older property consider Victorian or Edwardian style conservatories or perhaps a lean-to.  These are popular and fit in with the older aesthetic. You can use dwarf walls with glass tops or full length glass.  An orangerie is another popular choice. These have solid walls with glazed panes, full length doors and a glazed roof.  Originally used, as the name suggests, for growing orange trees, these look great on older style properties.


For the more contemporary homes the main consideration is keeping that light, modern look.  A lot of the more modern conservatores are made to order and this is reflected in the price.  However, they are pretty adaptable to older properties too. English Heritage properties often have a  modern conservatory so if the work is well done it can fit in with almost any building style.


Professional advice

As well as being a large construction project, the conservatory represents a huge financial  investment in the home. Costs depend on materials used, if it is a bespoke build or not and how the building work is carried out.  Although a DIY kit may be cheaper initially you will still need to factor in the labour costs and site preparation issues.

Most people do not oversee the construction work and instead use a specialist company.  This conservatory design and installation company manages everything about the build, and will deal with any planning and building regulation issues that may arise. 

Practical considerations

The high end conservatory construction companies will do everything from design, right through to the complete construction. read more…

Is Building a Conservatory a Worthwhile Investment?

Conservatories are beautiful additions to most homes. The glass walls and roof let in warm sunlight, and enjoying tropical weather while watching the snowfall can be a powerful experience. Conservatories have many benefits, from letting you grow your own vegetables all year long, to adding extra light to your home.

If you’re thinking about building a conservatory, you may be wondering if it is a worthwhile investment. Will you get that money back when you sell the home, or will you find yourself regretting the investment years down the road?

The good news is that conservatories that are built well are the perfect home investment. They will add value to your home, make you the talk of the neighborhood, and benefit you for years to come. The bad news is that they may be uncomfortable if a few things aren’t taken into consideration. Here are a few things you should know before getting one built: read more…

History of the Conservatory

Everybody has a different idea about a conservatory. Some people explain it as a greenhouse, and some say it’s a glazed home extension or a glass house, but a conservatory can be described as a masterpiece of architecture. Going back to the initial part of the 19th century, the usage of greenhouses, orangeries, and conservatories has been linking people with nature. Now enjoy a hearty revival of fame as these classy glass structures justify our delicate look. They present a sheer grandeur and an imaginative state of architectural novelty which can serve as motivation in an era likely devoted to the growth and establishment of mass-production building technology.

Since the former days of the old Chinese and Roman Empires, we have figured out the ways to secure fragile plants all across the cold winter months to expose our collection of exotic and unique varieties. The greenhouses of the modern age and the conservatories sprang up with the particular shelters designed in Europe to house payable plant species – lemon and orange trees and other precious species that were taken back during the great age of geographic expedition. read more…

A Guide To Buying A Conservatory

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home or property, designed appropriately and installed professionally. It can be a considerable addition to your living area. Still, it can be a piece of land to the unwary. Primarily, do you want planning permit, you do not need to go to significant expense purchasing your conservatory only to have an administrative unit’s officer issuing you with a CEASE order because you are in the violence of the planning authority.

You are responsible for ensuring compliance and for knowing about the planning permission requirements of your area. Conservatories have bettered of all acknowledgment, their history goes back a century . Styled and designed perfectly your conservatory must provide you and your family a subtle and delicate area all across the year.

Do you want to go for second hand?

We are always advised to accommodate second-hand conservatories that people have purchased. Unluckily, a Upvc conservatory which was installed 20 years ago cannot be reinstalled. The roof bar cappings will always be brittle likewise an old Upvc guttering. When they are dispatched they mostly crack, or the rubber cachets stick to the roofing and split when they are removed. Therefore it is ensured that it will be tough to guarantee water installation. Thus, buying second-hand conservatory is the worst idea in any case. read more…

A Guide to Your Ideal Conservatory


A conservatory is typically a room with a glass roof and glass walls, attached to a house or sometimes a standalone room. When choosing a type of conservatory for your house, its necessary to think about what you want to use it for. Traditionally, this room is used as a sun lounge on a warm summer day, to grow delicate plants in a controlled environment or as an extension to the living room.

Types of Conservatories

Although conservatories seem to be pretty straightforward, there are many different types to choose from.


A Victorian conservatory traditionally has a ridged roof and is round from the inside with a bayfront.

Edwardian / Georgian

An Edwardian or Georgian conservatory is similar to Victorian conservatories but have a flat front and are more rectangular in shape.


Gable conservatories have front windows that meet the roof to give the room a feeling of light, space and grandeur.


Orangeries are similar to Edwardian or Victorian conservatories but traditionally have a rectangular floor plan. These usually have solid brick pillars and large glazed windows to create a bright open space. read more…

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